The Author

N.N.E.B. CertEd .- Lia, has worked with children for over twenty years in various schools, hospitals and special units, before lecturing in Child Development and Education in several colleges. She is also a Grandmother of five; who 'guide' and inspire her adventure ideas.

Lia researches religious history and anthropology and believes there is more to life then we will ever know or could imagine, after she saw a spirit leaving a body. She has swum with dolphins on several occasions and senses a definite bond between them and us. She combines her experiences and belief into her Legend stories.

Lia promotes reading by doing workshops in story writing with story telling, craft and drama in schools and libraries around the country. Lia also donates from the sale of her books to Save the Children as she feels deeply for the plight of children caught up in poverty or war around the world.





This is a Pink River Dolphin


To request a Myth and Legend workshop for primary schools or for other workshops and author visits email – - subject- author visit.


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