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                                                                                                   By Lia Ginno


A FLYING laptop! Its a modern day broomstick.
Two children born from a legendary past.

''This story contains all the elements required to make it successful and appeal to children; exploring childrens emotions, family ties and relationships with influential grandparents and of course a good plot. Magic, flying horses, troll and transporting through a laptop!'' Primary Times


"A book that should be read by those interested in people having unusual abilities and it makes you believe in the unexplainable. All though this is the author's first book I am sure she will do another. It is as good, better (and less complicated) than good old Harry! Who else has read it and what do you think? 
It tells of a teenager who has not met her Father since little and feels unloved by him. Very emotive! But after she meets him and her new family her heart starts mending. Of course she has a great Mum and Grandparents - you look at the older generation differently. The story itself slowly develops - but each chapter keeps you interested and wanting to find out what happens next. It is set in Cornwall a place that is real compared to Hogwarts, in fact the whole book is an exciting fairy tale but in the real world. Most books like Narnia, Lord of the Rings etc. are set in 'magic lands' this one is not and it make a great change. When I next visit Cornwall, I intend to look up these mystical places.
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The adventure

Katelin is just another thirteen-year old Peruvian girl with her fair share of problems, however these are no ordinary troubles of a teenager. When a family member goes missing, magic and myth unlock ancient mysteries and Katelin with her brother Calum find themselves caught up in a desperate struggle against an evil wizard who wants the Inca crystals and their power. In a battle to save our dimension they both become aware of the danger and that it is no longer a game - could their fears mean our world will be lost?



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In the mythical Celtic land of Cornwall, ancient legends, and sacred secret places do still exist!
From early morning, it wields a strange influence, a mist hovers, sweeping the earth in grey and plays tricks with your mind.
Slowly the mist swirls drifting away and the haunting, wild landscape brings your imagination alive.

The wizard, about three hundred metres tall and looking as if he was touching the sky, emerged between the children.

His long white hair had turned to electric wires that stuck out about his head and he seemed to have electric currents sparking and dancing round them.


Some Cornish legends.

Giants were said to be the first inhabitants of Cornwall and many legends and places tell of their existence. You dont believe in giants! In Tregony in 1761 a coffin was found, which was 11ft long with a tooth of 3 inches¦ crunch!
There is evidence and descriptions about giants in the bible. In Genesis, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, and Amos some of these giants are said to have been 16ft tall and have more fingers and toes than us: Look them up - here's one to get you started.

Amos 2.9
' The Amorites, men who were as tall as cedar trees and as strong as oaks.'

Cornwall is full of ancient stone formations, mega structures, and prehistoric granite stone circles. There are nearly 90 sites of menhir (tall standing stones) along the Lands End peninsula and a testament to the people that lived there. Some were for Druidic religious ceremonies and others as sites for the tombs of ancient kings and warriors.
On Carn Brea, which is over 700ft high, and where you can see both sides of the Cornish coastline, there is high on the hillside, a stone settlement. The legend tells that a giant was slain there. However, it is the second oldest excavated site in the country it was occupied as far back as 3400 BC making it older than Stonehenge!


As daylight fades on Midsummer Eve, a bonfire is lit on the top of Carn Brea and because of the height of the hill, it signals for other fires to be lit across the county to the borders of Devon. This ritual dates back from pre-Christian pagan festivals that celebrated high summer, just after the solstice.
There is also a castle on the top of Carn Brea that was originally built as a hunter's lodge with a chapel. Legend tells that there is a tunnel from the castle to St Euny's church, but the steps are reportedly bricked up for safety reasons. Between the monument and the castle is a cave known as the Smuggler's Cave, which has another tunnel that is suppose to go down into Redruth, the town below Carn Brea.

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